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Calf Care sanitises calf pens to encourage youngstock health

Bolshaw Animal Health has added to its range of ‘Care’ products with the introduction of Calf Care and Calf Care Daily. Designed to provide the clean living environment that is vital for the health of vulnerable new born calves, each product reduces the risk of potentially fatal infections.

Calf Care is used before introducing youngstock to the pen. It quickly generates intense heat when in direct contact with water to reach temperatures in excess of 70° C; this destroys all but the most thermally resistant organisms in the pen. Calf Care will maintain a sterile and stable alkaline environment of pH12 for sustained periods.

With the calves now introduced to clean conditions, regular use of Calf Care Daily will help maintain a high level of hygiene. It will help keep the pen area dry and reduce the opportunity for bacteria to thrive and spread.

The company’s Jonathan Bolshaw says “The number of calves that die is far too high. Similarly the costs of treating disease are prohibitive. Consequently we have introduced the two Calf Care products on the basis that prevention is better than cure. By giving each calf the best start in life the chances increase that each animal will go from strength to strength.”

As with all the Bolshaw ‘Care’ range both Calf Care and Calf Care Daily are 100% natural products so disposal straight into the slurry is easy. This increases the pH level in the slurry for enhanced soil and grass conditions after spreading.

For more information phone Bolshaw Animal Health on 01625 572416 or visit

Note to editors

Bolshaw Animal Health supplies lime based products to farmers. The company has a range of products that includes Cubicle Care, Liquid Foot Care, Limestone Flour and Poultry Care.

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