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New Liquid Foot Care tackles digital dermatitis the natural way

Leading supplier to dairy farmers Bolshaw Agriculture has added to its range of ‘Care’ products with the launch of its unique Liquid Foot Care. Designed to tackle the problems caused by digital dermatitis, the product’s long lasting protection can reduce the chances of lameness in the herd.

This specially formulated lime product remains in suspension so that it can be transferred directly to the footbath without any preparation. Its viscosity means that successful application is easily visible; each cow emerges from the footbath effectively wearing protective white socks!

The company’s Jonathan Bolshaw says “Cubicle Care has been hugely successful in reducing the incidence of mastitis on farms throughout the UK, so I’m delighted that we can now offer dairy farmers a similarly effective treatment that will help combat digital dermatitis. Both diseases are a constant headache; the problems caused by any outbreaks can be hazardous not only to the cattle but also a farm’s financial viability.”

Cumbria herdsman Andrew Brown has been using Liquid Foot Care at Smalmstown Farm for the last few months and believes it to be the best product of its kind. He says “my own experience has been first class. I originally tested it on a substantial number of cattle and the results were exceptional; they were in the best of health and there were no foot problems at all. I even saved money on the treatment plan that I used previously. Now, as I extend the use of Liquid Foot Care across the whole herd I’m likely to be making significant savings every month and, most importantly, having healthier cows.”

A further benefit of Liquid Foot Care is that it reduces the acidity of farm effluents. As a natural lime product it has a positive impact on slurry allowing time and money savings to be made elsewhere on the farm.

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