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Liquid Foot Care – what UK farmers think

CJ & R Rose, Whalley farm, Whittington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
After using Liquid Foot Care for 6 weeks all traces of digital dermatitis in the herd disappeared. Prior to using LFC over 60% of the herd (120 cows) had been infected.

Herd Manager Rob Costello says “This is the most revolutionary thing to happen in dairy farming during the last 5 years. Liquid Foot Care is perfect for our needs and the most effective treatment of digital dermatitis that I’ve ever used.”

Rob uses a water bath first to get all feet washed and cleaned and then the cows go through the Liquid Foot Care to get the ‘white socks’ treatment – the viscosity of the solution sticking to the hooves to provide an exceptional result – making the cows look like they are wearing white socks.

The farm’s foot care contractor, Phil Gatehouse, is equally delighted with the results obtained with Liquid Foot Care. He says “My first visit to the farm was in December 2010. The dermatitis problems were horrific with over 60% of the herd affected. I put them on to Formalin, but then Rob told me they were going on to Liquid Foot Care because of concerns over Formalin’s safety. I thought ‘oh yes, and undo the progress we’ve made so far’. However, when I returned in April things had begun to dramatically improve and for last visit at the start of June I couldn’t find a single case of ‘demi’; I couldn’t believe it.”

FA & AL Kenyon, New Farm, Southwick, Dumfries
Since using Liquid Foot Care cases of digital dermatitis have gone down dramatically with a significant improvement being seen within a week of using it.

Not only is LFC an effective treatment, but Mr. Kenyon finds it easier and quicker to use than Formalin or copper sulphate. His young heifers have also appreciated the change to LFC; with no smell from the lime formula they are happier to go through the footbath so the whole process is much quicker and none of the herd is ‘spooked.’

FS Sturrock & Sons, Home Farm, Elwick, Hartlepool, Cleveland
Using Liquid Foot Care morning and night twice a week has made a big difference. The instances of digital dermatitis have reduced significantly, with a noticeable difference within a week. Mr. Sturrock has been impressed with how easy it is to use and has already re-ordered more LFC.

R. Bromley & Co., Moors Covet Farm, Bednall, Staffordshire
Henry Bloxham has moved away from using Formalin because of the fumes from the product and is now using his second consignment of Liquid Foot Care. He has been very pleased with LFC as it has proved easy to use, it has stayed on the feet of the cattle well and, most importantly, he has seen cases of digital dermatitis decrease within a short period of time.

Shirt Farms, Holme Lacey, Tideswell, Buxton, Derbyshire
Cecil Shirt switched from copper sulphate to Liquid Foot Care and has seen a big improvement in the health of the herd. Using LFC twice a week he finds that giving the formula a quick stir each time he fills the footbath provides a slightly better consistency, but it is a very easy product to use.

His son, Chris, also uses LFC at a second farm and is as equally delighted with the results.

RP & JL Jarvis & Son, Lodge Farm, Stapleton, Leicestershire
Mr. Jarvis saw a dramatic improvement within 3-4 days of using Liquid Foot Care as instances of digital dermatitis rapidly declined. For best results he finds that LFC is most effective when it just covers the hoof; there’s no need to fill the footbath any deeper than this to achieve the optimum coverage on the cow’s foot.

The ease of use is a real benefit with no mixing required.

AJ & ME Minshull, Bent House Farm, Tean, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
After trying everything else on the market Mr. Minshull is delighted with the results from Liquid Foot Care. The health of his 300 strong herd has improved dramatically with LFC “drying everything up nicely.”

J. Reid, Bengall Farm, Lockerbie, Dumfries
Since using Liquid Foot Care Jim Reid’s foot trimmer confirmed that the herd is free of any trace of digital dermatitis. This has been brought about by using LFC twice a week in the morning and evening.

J. Viggers & Son, Collins Farm, Bere Alston, Yelverton, Devon
Mr. Viggers saw an improvement in the condition of the cows’ feet almost immediately when he started using Liquid Foot Care. He is particularly pleased with LFC as it’s not only yielding excellent results, but the cows are comfortable with it. He had tried all the other products and some liquids, but there were some that the cows would not go near.

He finds the most effective use of LFC is once or twice a week. With the outstanding protection that LFC is now providing Mr. Viggers believes he is achieving excellent value for money.

J. Busby, Billington Bank Farm, Haughton, Stafford
James Busby believes that Liquid Foot care is the most effective treatment against digital dermatitis that’s available – and it is priced at a level that represents great value. He uses it once a week and has achieved results that are way above anything he achieved with products used previously.

MW & AM Williams, Clomendy Farm. Llangain, Carmarthen, Dyfed
Mr Williams switched to Liquid Foot Care when his herd became immune to the previous foot treatment and it was failing to have any impact on controlling digital dermatitis. Now that things are under control a further benefit has emerged as LFC is proving to be a more cost effective option as well.

MS Mosley, Bingley House Farm, Rivelin, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Both Mr. Mosley and his hoof trimmer are delighted with the results achieved with Liquid Foot Care. Digital Dermatitis is under control and the overall condition of the cows’ feet has shown a marked improvement.

Mr. Mosley has found LFC very easy to use. The ready mixed liquid has been given a quick stir each time the footbath has been filled to provide a level of consistency in the treatment and the best possible outcome for the health of the herd.

AG & TEM Owens, Penderi Well Farm, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire
Mr. Owens has found Liquid Foot Care to be great value compared to his previous foot treatment. He is now a regular user of LFC as it has actively worked to great effect within the herd.

W. Bunting & Co., Crosslow Bank Farm, Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Alsop on le Dale farmer Mr. Bunting saw a marked decrease in cases of digital dermatitis with two weeks of using Liquid Foot Care. He starting treating his cows using LFC once a week and now regularly uses it once every two weeks.

M. Dakin, Masson Farm, Matlock, Derbyshire
Mr. Dakin had previously used another liquid, but found Liquid Foot Care far easy to use as it goes straight into the footbath. Using LFC every day for 5 days saw digital dermatitis problems reduce and he now uses it every two weeks to keep things under control.

HG Middleton & Son, Grangecroft Farm, Wawne, Hull
Safety around the farm was an important issue for Mr. Middleton. As a natural product Liquid Foot Care provided a far safer option than previous products that had been used. The results achieved with LFC were very good and Mr. Middleton is now committed to consistently using LFC to treat his cows.

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