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Don’t just take our word for it

"Herdsman Andrew Brown is looking after hundreds of cows at Smalmstown Farm in Cumbria. As a regular user of Cubicle Care Andrew has been able to successfully control mastitis in the herd “I now use Cubicle Care regularly. When I first started I’d use it for a period of time and then take a break; however as soon as I stopped mastitis would start to creep back in. It was a false economy and given I’m only spending 10p per cow per day on Cubicle Care I just use it all the time now. It’s a small amount to pay when each case of mastitis can cost £250. There’s just no point taking a risk."
Andrew Brown
Smalmstown Farm, Longtown, Cumbria
"With a herd of 300+ cows, Craig Drummond has found that using Cubicle Care makes a real difference. Since making the switch from another product 9 months ago cell counts and the mastitis incidence have fallen. “I started using the product as it was recommended to me by two other farmers as a more cost effective product to use. It has helped with the health of the herd due to more routine use of the product versus its competitors. It isn’t as expensive, therefore we can justify using more."
Craig Drummond
Barony College, Dumfries
"A Cubicle Care user for over 5 years James knows all about its ability to help kill bacteria and prevent mastitis. But he also recognises that the service he gets from Bolshaws is second to none “The lads at Bolshaws have always been very helpful and they always deliver when they say they are going to.
James Simpson
Leyburn, North Yorkshire
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