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Bolshaws is a leading supplier of hydrated lime and other blended products for agricultural and industrial applications


If you’re not using Cubicle Care your mastitia protection could be disappering in a cloud of dust! Cubicle Care’s bigger particle size makes all the difference. Here are the facts: 

  • It gets where its needed: on the beds, and stays there to do the job.
  • There’s far less dust and waste than other “fluffiuer” lime products.
  • Its better for the cows. Its kinder on teats and udders than finer lime products.
  • Its made by farmers for farmers. We will never compromise our high animal welfare standards.
  • Lime injections
  • Tractor hire
  • Site tanker hire

Don’t take the risks. Take care by using the number 1 in the Market.
Lime Stone Flour is available in both 25kg bags and bulk tote bags.

Cubicle Care

Limestone Flour

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