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Cubical Care

Kills bacteria and control mastitis

Cubicle Care helps control bacteria and mastitis to protect your milk yield and the investment you’ve made in land, feed and the herd. Simple to handle and easy to apply this specially blended hydrated lime is quick to take effect and produce results.


  • Kills bacteria. Controls mastitis.
  • Helps prevent lameness in cattle and sheep.
  • Two types of hydrated lime blended together to create a unique formula.
  • Coarser than builders lime. Easier to apply. Less dust. Stays on beds.
  • Natural product – easy to dispose of.
  • Increases slurry pH.
  • Helps prevent ‘soil lock-up’ when spread.


Cubicle Care is available nationwide. Contact us for details of your nearest stockist.

Cubicle Care Hydrated Lime is available in both 25kg bags and bulk tote bags.


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